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Animated Music Video


Motion Graphics  |  Adobe After Effects | Cinema 4D R25

[ Project Brief ]

The goal was to create a 1-minute animated music video using Adobe After Effects. I really wanted to create this project in 3D however creating complex 3D scenes in AE would require the use of 3rd party plugins, so my curiosity led me to a series of Cinema 4D courses online which were surprisingly aligned with my vision of creating this project in 3D. After taking some beginner courses, I created the scenes in Cinema 4D and used After Effects for post-processing. 

1: Mood board & theme selection

series of images with a purple and sunset theme

2: Scene Creation & Rendering in Cinema 4D 

Cinema 4D interface

3: Post-processing & Scene timings in After Effects

speaker and remote illustration in Illustrator

[ My Takeaway ]

Besides creating a 3D stickman at the age of 15, this was my first time working in 3D with this amount of complexity, and I have to say however challenging this project was, I absolutely enjoyed my time doing it. During this process, I learned how to create or import basic assets, change textures, add reflections, add animations, cameras, and more. 

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