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Videography  |  Video Editing | Adobe Premiere | Adobe Audition

[ Project Brief ]

The goal was to create a 2-5min promotional video for a fictional company allowing merchants to open up an online store and reach their customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Created in collaboration with Brad McLeod & Elnaz Foroutan.

1: Storyboard and Production Preparation

video shot images and descriptions

2: Video Footage Recording

woman looking out the window distressed

3: editing & putting all the scenes together

screenshot of the premiere app

4: Sound Mixing in Adobe Audition before finalizing

Adobe Audition interface

[ My Takeaway ]

Working on this project this size definitely gave me more perspective on how much work goes into creating a short video. I learned how much lighting affects the scene, what makes a good composition, and the importance of good audio and ideal equipment based on your environment. Everything needs to work together in order to make a video captivate the audience.

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