Video Ad

Project Goals

The goal was to create a 2-5min promotional video for a fictional company.

This was to test our skills that we learned in Video Storytelling MDIA 2565 during term 2.

Step 1: Storyboard and Production Prepartion

Our first step was to make adjustments to the storyboard we had created during the first term. Due to Covid-19, we had certain shots that required us to be in public and indoors like cafes/malls, so we had to make adjustments accordingly to accommodate safe recording.
We ended up with a storyboard that consists of B roll shots around the city of New West to fill in the gap between A roll shots that we planned on recording at my place.

The next step was to prepare for pre-production. This included things such as gathering the required audio, video, and lighting equipment that we each had in the group and finally deciding on locations and more.

Before moving onto the next step Brad decided to go ahead and record some of the outdoor B roll shots in New West.

images alongside script on a page

step 2: Video Footage Recording

Our next step was to record our main footage that consisted of our talking head Elnaz and some B roll shots that we planned on indoor. This was the most important part of the project since the majority of the project was represented by this step. Also, the project had to be at least 2 minutes long so we had to make sure we record enough footage to go alongside the B rolls.

While the storyboard we had created before certainly made this process a lot easier, we still had the challenges of making these recordings with the limited equipment we had. It was quite challenging to record proper audio since we were recording the footage just in my living room which had quite a bit of reverb as well as background noises such as the heater.

Nevertheless, we had our model Elnaz practice her lines while I and Brad took care of lighting, composition, audio, and video before we started the recording and after 5 hours we had recorded quite a bit of footage recorded including A roll and B rolls.

traced image of a speaker and remote

step 3: Video Footage Edit and Music

After successfully tracing the objects it was time to start adding colors and gradients. The challenge here was to re-create their colors in the most accurate way possible.
With that, I started to color the base of the objects, applied gradients to re-create reflections or depth, contour, and shadows that give these objects the realistic look and feel.

This wasn’t as challenging as creating these objects was but rather time-consuming because there was a lot of trial and error involved.

screenshot of the premiere app

final step: Sound Edit/Mixing and Finalization

Our last step was to put everything together and make adjustments to the overall sound and video. This included adjustments to reducing background noise, consistent volume, filters, and more.

This step was quite challenging due to the initial sound recordings we had with our equipment and environment but with some feedback from our teacher, we were able to get the best out of what we had and work with it.

Finally, we made some adjustments to the overall look and feel of the video, made adjustments to meet the project’s requirement and introduced a simple logo for our fictional company, and incorporated it into our final edit before handing it in.