Artificer Gin Branding

Project Goals

The goal was to create a logo and business card for a fictional company created by one of our classmates.

This was to test the skills that we learned in Photoshop MDIA 2185 during term 1.

Step 1: Brand evaluation and mood  board

My first step was to understand what the brand embodies and what their business goals were. This would help me better understand how to represent the company in the best way possible and meeting the client’s needs.

The Client requested blue color as their main color and inclusion of a touch of gold, with a focus on a specific demographic of 30–45-year-old females for their customer base. So with that in mind, I started to create a mood board that set the look and feel of the brand and got the client’s approval before moving onto the next stage.

drink, water, bird, lemon, sea

step 2: Competitor Research & Brainstorming

So the next step was to research the industry for a quick look at what other competitors offered and what their brand represented. This would help me figure out whether I was on the right path or not. Most competitions offered products with above-average pricings and their branding was focused on, youth, class, and a touch of luxury just like what the client had in mind.

With the brand evaluation and competitive research in mind, I started brainstorming for the logo and business card. Based on my previous research, most brands had illustrations for their logo which the client was not a fan of so I began to write down any idea that came to my mind including ones that may have been my best since I’ve learned sometimes bad ideas could spark a conversation that might’ve lead to a great idea.

series of gin drink bottles

step 3: Sketches & Roughs

Based on previous processes, I began to quickly sketch my first ideas done by hand. This process was done specifically by hand to avoid the limitation of creativity options that a computer software might have in the initial phases. Few of my ideas seemed a bit cliché but my goal was to sketch as many as possible that might have sparked an interest for the client.

After receiving feedback from the client and selecting the best thumbnails, I started to work on the ideas in more detail still done by hand and created 5 different variations of the logo and business card while figuring out the measurements and potential typefaces, balance, white space, unity, etc.

Before moving onto comps and final design, I started playing around with the roughs I already had and after combining various design points from them, I was able to make a completely different design that was approved by the client.

speaker and remote illustration in Illustrator

final step : Comprehensives and Final Design

Working with the client, we selected the final designs and I started to render them on the computer to represent the final pieces in their final form. By putting in use the mood board I created previously, this process was fairly easy and gave me a good idea of what the pieces would look like before I signed off on the client’s approval for the completion of the project.

Finally, after the client’s approval, I completed the project in an electronic and print-ready format using Photoshop per the teacher and client’s requirements. The client was quite happy with how they turned out and I received full marks for the project ?

artificer brand logo
two business cards stacked