Infographic Poster

Project Goals

The goal was to create an infographic poster regarding a man-made object/process or scientific discovery and break it down into its component parts, functions, flows.

This was to test the skills that we learned in Illustration MDIA 2166 during term 2.

STEP 1: Research and Content Writing

My first step was to do my extensive research about Virtual Reality (VR), information that would grasp the audience’s attention and help them better understand what VR is all about while keeping it simple enough for anyone with any technological understanding level.

My previous knowledge and passion for VR came in very handy and helped me gather a ton of information and then select the most appropriate and finally edited some of its contents to better match the information design that I was aiming for.

man looking at a board

step 2: Icons and logo design

My next step was to get a sense of how to convey these messages alongside graphics that would be most appropriate and appealing to the reader, and looking at inspirations if not all but most infographics utilized the use of icons and logos simple enough for anyone to understand while keeping it interesting.

So, I started to sketch and create roughs of icons & logos for my written content and finalized 11 icons and one logo in Adobe Illustrator to go alongside my content. This included charts, icons, and logos simple enough for the reader to understand and communicate the statistics and information across effectively.

sketch and finalized version of varies icons

step 3: Poster Layout

My next step was to gather all the content and graphics I created and display it on a poster-sized 17” x11”. So I started to sketch out what the layout could be. Because I had my written content and elements finalized beforehand, I was able to sketch out and create some roughs of the poster layout before moving onto Illustrator for finalizing the poster.

This process seemed rather challenging because of the poster size and how much content I had but following the elements and principles of designs that I had learned during term 1 made this challenge easier.

speaker and remote illustration in Illustrator

Last step: Comp and finalization

With feedback from our teacher, I selected the final layout design and made adjustments accordingly and I started to render it on the computer to represent the final look of the poster.

During this process, I finalized the typography choices and color palettes most appropriate for this tech-related infographic and finalized the project in an electronic and print-ready format in Adobe Illustrator per teacher’s requirement.

infographic poster about virtual reality