Tiny Homes Magazine

Project Goals

The goal was to come up with a magazine idea for a small organization and design its front cover of the magazine, mockup a website in a tablet format, as well as a digital banner ad.

This was to test the skills that we learned in Graphic Design MDIA 1905 during term 1.

Step 1: Brainstorming

My first step was to do my research and brainstorm about what small object I wanted to build the magazine on and while coming across some interesting objects, I thought I should work on something that I may be passionate about and the idea of the Tiny House movement which has gotten popular for a few years now came across my mind.

The next step was to determine what the magazine issue was going to be about. After all, this was the magazine’s first issue and I had to create content or titles that would grab anyone’s attention including people who have never heard of the Tiny House movement.

My previous knowledge about this topic helped, I just thought about the time when I had just found out about this movement, and I put together some introductory topics along with tips and tricks.

a mind of a brainstorming process

step 2: Content & Layout

My next step was to gather images and graphics regarding this topic. It was quite challenging to find images that were copyright-free because this movement is fairly new, but I managed to put some images together that could be used across the print and the digital spaces.

After gathering my content and images, I started to sketch and create roughs of the magazine cover page, the website, and the banner ad. This was quite challenging at first since per the teacher’s requirement we were to create only the front page of the magazine and not the inner pages that displayed content.

traced image of a speaker and remote

Final Step: Comp and Finalization

After deciding on the layouts using my sketches and roughs, it was time to bring colors and font choices into my designs and render them on the computer using Adobe InDesign to represent the final look of each design. this would be my last step before finalizing the project.

With some feedback from our teacher, I ended up taking a different approach and created a rather minimalistic look and feel for the website to maximize readability since our organization offered an electronic version of the magazine to the readers as well, but kept the banner ad and front page of the magazine rather eye-catching by utilizing colors, textures, graphics, and images.

speaker and remote illustration in Illustrator
iPad Mockup next to a plant